Larlen design presented to you from beautiful, jewelry
single-made Italian beads, that are in a timeless elegance,
the refined style and fit for any occasion, reflect.

Fresh fashion colors, elegant combinations with
Sterling Silver, silver plated and gold plated metals,
or with lush Swarovski crystals, stylein leather as well,
gives  the jewelry a unusual special touch of elegance
and spontaneity and can be used daily for fashion-conscious
 Women adapt to the clothes and colours.
The beads are by the designerpersonally
selected on the island of Murano.
MURANO GLASS BEADS are processed in the flame.
The bead makers produced the pearls an open flame.
A glass rod is by using a blowtorch to melt heated and wrapped around a metal rod until it reaches the desired bead shape. It could multiple layers of glass, different colour, as well as GOLD and SILVER leaves, and other high-quality material used to achieve the desired effect of Murano glass beads tomelt. After is the Pearl very slowly cooled and removed from the rod, making a hole created and later the Pearl can be lined up.Glass beads with GOLD (24 Carat)- and SILVER LEAFS are relatively new. In this Murano beads is the film around a clear glass core wound and then covered with glass.

THE MURANO GLASS comes away from the island of Murano, near Venice. This its origin Murano  glass  in 1295 and will Kremation mainly in the glassworks of Murano  island designed and manufactured. Here, the craftsmen still edit the glass in different forms in the same way as their ancestors. The technology to produce the raw material of Murano glass, master only glass manufacturers in Murano.
So far, it is succeeded still not to imitate this production art.

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