Murano Jewelry

  Here are a few basic tips in dealing with jewelry:

    - Jewelry, perfumes, deodorants shouldn't not with cosmetics like Hairspray, powder,
      Sunscreen etc. come into contact
    - Jewelry store in home and gardening
    - also in the shower or in the sauna takethe jewelry off.
    - Avoid contact with acids and salts (E.g. in the kitchen work)
    - Welding can damage the surface of the jewels
    - make sure the jewellery when swimming (chlorine and salt water he can drop
      Jewelry will lose its color)
   - the use of certain medications can a blackening of silver jewelry

Jewelry properly maintain

Jewelry cleaning
You should regularly clean your jewelry. A warm don't is sufficient for simple jewelry cleaning. With a soft-bristled toothbrush,you can easily remove grease and dirt and stones  regain the shine bring.

A simple cleaning can be cleaned but no on jewelry! But what is actually "run"?

Silver jewelry starts in principle what is thus also a feature for the authenticity. Also alloys of 333 and 375 gold start, albeit in a much lesser degree. This means that the jewelry with the in the air contained sulfur oxidizes and then unsightly yellowish to black. How strong is a gem, depends on various factors, such as composition of the alloy composition of the air, other environmental factors (chemicals, cosmetics, medicines) and the composition of the natural acid mantle of the skin.

If the jewelry is up only slightly, this discoloration can be removed easily with a jewelry polishing cloth. Silver and gold bathrooms and cleaning pastes are suitable for stubborn stains. These cleaners remove the discoloration and contain often still an additional substance that provides effective start-up protection.
Who do not want to use these chemical agents or at hand, can also easily yourself make a silver bathroom:

It takes a plastic bowl (not metal), with boiling water, it solves conventional table salt on (up to 1 liter of water, 200 gr. Salt), lay a piece ofaluminum foil on the bottom of the bowl and placed the jewels (only without stone and Pearl trim) on the aluminium foil. The jewelry must remain in the water until loosened the black surface and shall be liable on the slide. Finally rinse with clear water and dry.

Jewellery storage

Keep your jewelry whenever possible in sealed, air-tight containers or plastic bags. If you put it in addition aluminum foil pieces or school chalk, your jewelry is particularly long retained its luster.

The glass necklace pendant can easily be cleaned with some water and a damp cloth. Glass does not lose lustre. Dry them then well off him then dry to store the trailer.



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